Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Things That Go Through My Head...

I think...a lot. I don't think about anything in particular, but there is always something going on in my noggin. Some nights, it's hard to shut it off and actually sleep.

My thoughts can range from practical, logical things, to certain things that get that quizzical dog look if I choose to verbalize them. On more than one occasion, my father has looked at me, and in only that tone that a loving father could, has said, "You are so strange..." I just smile. It doesn't really matter to me, because they're my thoughts.

And tonight, I choose to share some of them, and some may make repeat performances as later entries.
  • Why can't I dice an onion? I try and I try, but I fail...miserably.
  • How do my cats know which laundry to lay in? Sophia always finds the dark clothes, yet Killian always finds the light ones. Regardless, I usually end up having to do more laundry.
  • I should probably find and pay that ticket that's due on Saturday.
  • I'd really like to have my living room back from the 8' folding table that's been there since January 25.
  • Do you think that professional sports players hear all the noise that goes on when the score board says, "MAKE SOME NOISE!" or is it just background...noise?
  • I'm going to get up with the alarm at 5:15 tomorrow...okay, I'm going to try to get up with the alarm at 5:15 tomorrow.
  • I should really start sorting my socks...which means I need to get some drawer separators...oooh...I could make drawer separators.
  • I wonder if there's an episode of any Law and Order I haven't seen.
  • I need to take cans back this weekend.
  • *sings* "All the lonely people/Where do they all come from..."
  • Why isn't there a bra out there that wont poke me in the armpits after repeated wear?

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