Sunday, April 6, 2008

Now taking applications for the Queen of Procrastination...

So as I sit here, typing this lovely little entry, I should be upstairs doing something, anything, with the mound of laundry that's sitting on my couch.

You see, Dad will be here in about 45 minutes to help me tile a backsplash in the kitchen. (Yay! First major home improvement project!) Yet, here I sit.

It's not that I don't know that I need to get my tookus up and moving, it's just really, it's a gloriously sunny day out, the windows are open, tunes are cranked, and I'm really not sure that I want to do much more than soak it in. So again, here I sit.

This is not a new thing for me. All through school, I was the one notoriously waiting till the absolute last minute to do every project, every report, or to study for every exam. There are times that I really don't know how the hell I made it through college. I'm a big fan of the cross-your-fingers-pray-that-this-goes-as-well-as-you-think-it-should method of pretty much anything. Not as much as I used to be, but still.

This is why I am the poster child for things like direct deposit and automatic withdrawal. It's not that I don't have the means to pay the's that I forget to do some part of the process, usually either depositing the check, or sending the bill in. The day that direct deposit became an option at work, it was as if the heavens parted and a chorus of angels began to sing. And what is this? I can set up all of my bills online through my bank to just get sucked out of my account? I kid you not, I wept tears of joy.

I want to say that I'm getting better with it as I get older, and supposedly wiser, but my friends and family would let out a mighty guffaw at that one. I have all the best intentions. I talk a big game. And then...yeah...well? Hmmm.

My proverbial to-do list is in volumes, and yet I always find something else to do rather than what I'm supposed to be. Why do you think it took me three days to tape off and prep the kitchen and dining room for painting? How was I supposed to know there was going to be a Law and Order Marathon on?

While I was off for a week between jobs, I had it all plotted out. I was going to get up early (well, semi-early) and tackle a room a day. I was going to get more organized! I was going to hang all my clothes up in some sort of order! The laundry room was going to get purged of half empty cleaning products and wiped down! I was finally going to finish setting up my home office and all my networking crap! The laundry would be done, folded, and ironed! The kitchen and dining room would be painted! Slipcovers would be put on my couches! The wine rack would be stained!

Of that list, I got two things kinda done: the painting, and half the laundry. I also went to lunch with my uncle, over to visit a sorority sister, picked out tile, knitted, had Burleywoman over for dinner, went shopping, got a mani and pedi, and went grocery shopping. So it's not like I was totally unproductive.

I can say, that as I get older, I am finding that life is too short to live it by a to-do list. My procrastination is a part of who I am.

I'll get around to everything.


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