Sunday, September 7, 2008

It's the Little Things...

20 little things that make me smile...
  1. Giggling with Joe in the salsa aisle in Meijer.
  2. The morning headbutt I get from one or both of the furfaces.
  3. A crisp fall day, but not so crisp that you can still drive with the windows open.
  4. Watching Melissa's little Austin grab for a french fry off of her tray at Culver's.
  5. Knowing that the shot I was trying for actually came out the way I wanted it to.
  6. An unexpected road trip.
  7. Making plans for the cruise with My Bliver Cousin.
  8. A clear night sitting out on the patio, with a good glass of wine, and some Frank and Dean.
  9. My little red tomato.
  10. Sleeping in.
  11. Snuggling with Joe.
  12. Good Italian food at Gino's.
  13. Napping.
  14. Some peace and quiet, where I do nothing but relax.
  15. A good bubble bath.
  16. The way freshly shaved legs feel up against clean sheets.
  17. Knowing I can order something off of a particular website, and when it arrives to my door, it will fit.
  18. Sand between my toes.
  19. Making dinner for the family.
  20. A good round of chair dancing.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Owies Update

Wow...three blog posts in one day! I need to work 70 hours a week more often, maybe I'll post more then! Or not.


This week, I was given the all clear to take the bandage off and stop wrapping up my hand like a mummy! I have to continue keeping it clean, and have begun putting Vitamin E on it to minimize scarring, which the doctors say there should be very little of. I only have to put a band-aid on it when I'm going to be in a situation that is particularly dirty, other than that, they want me to keep it open as much as possible.

Pardon the somewhat grossness of the following links!

This was the injury about an hour after it happened.

This was the injury yesterday.

So, needless to say, we've come a long way in just over 2 weeks.

The good news is, that as a result of this little mishap, there will be much more guarding put around the conveyor itself to prevent someone else from getting hurt, which makes things a bit easier for me to deal with. I guess you could say that I was taking the tryout and debug of the system to a bit of an extreme.


One Little Red Tomato

It's here! It's finally here!

My first red tomato!

I had one last week that was an orange-ish color, but it was all cracked down the back side of it, so when I knocked it off the vine I wasn't all that concerned. (Unlike when I knocked the first ever tomato off the vine while I was moving it...this was before I put them in the was quite the traumatic event!)

The recent rains have caused my tomato plants to grow exponentially, and my one has about 9 little green tomatoes on it. With my luck, they'll all turn red at once, and I'll have more tomatoes than I know what to do with!

One more day...

It's been a very long week, and Sophia and I feel about the same right now...