Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goals for 2009

Inspired by The Happy Housewife, and Steve over at Remedy, I'm compiling my list of goals for 2009. They're really a continuation of the goals I set in 2008 to reach by the time I turn 30 in February 2010. (When the heck did that happen!?)

So here we go, in no particular order, because that's how I roll:

  1. Knit something other than a rectangular object. This means moving on from blankies, scarves, and potholders. I've picked out a pattern to try to accomplish this, and the needles and yarn are anxiously awaiting me to finish the previous project I've been working on (since November 2007...I'm not very speedy).
  2. Get my site created and launched.
  3. Continue operating on a mostly cash only basis, and continue to pay off the debt. (Almost there!)
  4. Get back on track with improving my health and fitness. With burnus interuptus, I've been shying away from the gym until the wound closes (it hasn't yet), and I've been quite lax in my menu planning. My waistline is showing the effects. I have about 7 pairs of really cute (and somewhat expensive) pairs of jeans I don't fit into anymore!
  5. Spend less idle time online, and more time doing things to enrich my life and career.
  6. Go back for my master's.
  7. Take more photos, and improve my skills there. I have almost 5,000 items on Flickr. This doesn't seem like nearly enough.
  8. Set aside one hour a week for just me, where I unplug from everything. This time could be spent reading, meditating, doing yoga, taking a walk, but whatever it is, it will be done without connection to TV, radio, or internet.
  9. Get my house organized. I have a plan. I just need it.
  10. And just because, buy one of these.

I hope that everyone has a safe New Year's Eve, and an even better 2009!


The Happy Housewife said...

Love the idea of taking an hour to unplug! We all need to do that! Great goals!

Steve said...

Awesome Leigh!

If you're looking for something to knit, how about some cat vests to go with their hats? Nothing could be cooler than a cat in vest and hat!

Leigh said...

Got any ideas how to keep them on? The hats lasted 30 seconds, if that, and Sophia has attacked hers into oblivion. :)