Sunday, September 7, 2008

It's the Little Things...

20 little things that make me smile...
  1. Giggling with Joe in the salsa aisle in Meijer.
  2. The morning headbutt I get from one or both of the furfaces.
  3. A crisp fall day, but not so crisp that you can still drive with the windows open.
  4. Watching Melissa's little Austin grab for a french fry off of her tray at Culver's.
  5. Knowing that the shot I was trying for actually came out the way I wanted it to.
  6. An unexpected road trip.
  7. Making plans for the cruise with My Bliver Cousin.
  8. A clear night sitting out on the patio, with a good glass of wine, and some Frank and Dean.
  9. My little red tomato.
  10. Sleeping in.
  11. Snuggling with Joe.
  12. Good Italian food at Gino's.
  13. Napping.
  14. Some peace and quiet, where I do nothing but relax.
  15. A good bubble bath.
  16. The way freshly shaved legs feel up against clean sheets.
  17. Knowing I can order something off of a particular website, and when it arrives to my door, it will fit.
  18. Sand between my toes.
  19. Making dinner for the family.
  20. A good round of chair dancing.


Steve said...

And we know the chair dancing is to NKOTB, but we love you anyway ;)

Leigh said...

Damn skippy it is.

I'm reliving my youth over here!