Monday, July 14, 2008

Hoppy Update

So it's been awhile since I've posted. I quit my former job at the end of March, and started a new one April 1st. It's been going wonderfully, but it's been keeping me quite busy.

I thought I would post and state that we've found Hoppy. Sorta.

Last night while clearing the egress of the tree that sprouted there, Dad called to me upstairs that he had found Hoppy.

I come running down the stairs and ask, "Is he alive?!"

Dad turns to me, holding a tiny frog skull, and says, "Not exactly."

I immediately tear up. It's our little man...or what's left of him!

Dad then does the Dad thing. "Ohhhh...maybe it's not Hoppy. Don't get all upset. Maybe it's a different frog. See, look. It looks a little too big to be Hoppy. Hoppy was smaller than this, remember? This isn't Hoppy. It's too big to be Hoppy. Hoppy is off somewhere with his girlfriend, Hoppette...and they're making little Hippities. So then there will be Hippities with Hoppy."

This is why I love my dad, for comforting his almost 30 year old daughter over a long dead frog.

I then gasped and said, "You can't throw him away!"

Dad says, "No. I'm going to glue him to cardboard for preservation!"

*insert cocked eyebrow here*


"You are not gluing the frog to anything."

"What are you going to do with him?"

I got quiet, "I'm going to bury him."

Dad looked at me, and smiled. "I think gluing him to cardboard is a better idea."

Flash forward to this afternoon, and what's left of Hoppy is still hanging out on the window sill, until I can find another spot to put him, either in the ground, on cardboard, or forever immortalized in clear epoxy resin.

I see Sophia hop up on the couch and to the windowsill, and before I can say anything, she's got Hoppy's bones...IN HER MOUTH!

"Sophia!", I yelled, "DROP THAT! NO!"

She jumped back, a bit startled, and looked at me with the little frog skull in her mouth as if to say, "What?"

"Sophia! You're eating Hoppy! STOP!!!" and I swatted at her. She dropped the skull and hopped off the couch, quite perplexed.

I gathered up the bones, cursing the cat, and redeposited them on top of the TV, not nearly as nicely arranged, because the cats don't go up there, and really I have no idea where else to put them.

I mean, where is the most logical place to put frog bones?

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Kelsey said...

Oh my gosh you had me laughing! But I am so sorry for you losing your frog!